Punching Rocks


A funny thing happened at the rock gym... I kept running into programmers. Rock climbing is a constant challenge. Physical? Hardly. Tired muscles is a concern once you're two pitches up and can't figure out the next move. I'm afraid of heights! The psychological and mental tenacity required to complete a wall feels eerily similar to the daily challenges of the Programmer. You will commit yourself to situations that you pretty much HAVE to find a way out of. Sound familiar?

How are people learning to program nowadays? MOOCs, tutorials, workshops, communities, books, degrees, internships, apprenticeships, code schools. What am I doing? What have I done? How many callouses have I built in the process?

Experiences shared from my own perspective and others I have met on my journey have shown me a number of great ways to help move forward those willing to take up the challenge. Finally, what can I do, along with sharp and helpful Node.js programmers, to build the knowledge base and accessibility into the community? How do I get programmers hooked?

And how can I convince all of these brainiacs to get out and punch a few rocks?