ZenIRCBot and the Art of Pub/Sub


Pub/sub has been growing in popularity for various pieces of infrastructure due to how much bigger our networks are getting. The publisher being able to completely ignore if there is anything listening or not and just fire off messages means that if a part of your infrastructure goes down it doesn't bring down the other parts. I'll be using my bot, ZenIRCBot, as a case study for pub/sub that is more approachable. ZenIRCBot connects to IRC then sends the things it receives into a redis pub/sub channel, it also listens on a pub/sub channel for things to do such as sending messages to IRC channels. On the other side of these channels are services that listen for events, react, and send back things to do. Or maybe they just listen or just send things to do, there is no reason why they have to both listen and send commands, this is the beauty of this services based model. This talk will be comprised of:

A basic intro to Redis and what it is capable of. What pub/sub is and some basic examples. The case study: ZenIRCBot Problems and other various difficulties I've faced. Where is this project going?