NodePDX 2012

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February 11, 2012
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Geddy - A Better Framework

Many frameworks have been created to allow you to build apps on Node.js - Express, Matador, and Flatiron to name a few. But none of these frameworks are built with development velocity, backwards compatibility, and speed. This is where Geddy steps in. Geddy is a framework built and battle tested by the JS team at Yammer. It's currently running our upload service. During this talk I'll walk you through building a basic web app with geddy, and show you how we used it to build a prototype mobile site for Yammer in less than 12 hours.

Event: NodePDX 2012
Speakers: Daniel Erickson
Recorded: February 12, 2012
Duration: 00:28
Language: English
Last updated: July 1, 2013
A CouchDB, Neo4j, Redis, & Node.JS Circus

NoSQL databases are fun, and we've all wired up a Node.js project to use one. But what about two? What about three?

That's what's on the docket for this talk. We'll do all the things:

Walk through a (very) quick intro on CouchDB, Neo4j, and Redis. Then learn how to interact with these very different databases using Node.js. Then wire them up into a single web application (using Bricks.js, for good measure) Write it all in CoffeeScript... buzzword overload!!! If you do not walk out of this talk excited and maybe a little confused, I will have failed.

Event: NodePDX 2012
Speakers: Eric Redmond
Recorded: February 11, 2012
Duration: 00:20
Language: English
Last updated: July 2, 2013
Building Applications with Bricks.js

Bricks.js is fast modular framework built on node.js. This session will be a mix of an introduction for those who have not used it, and building a fairly simple application using it.

Bricks.js: Blog: Twitter: @jerrysievert Github:

Event: NodePDX 2012
Speakers: Jerry Sievert
Recorded: February 11, 2012
Duration: 00:44
Language: English
Last updated: July 1, 2013